The Heart Beats Of The World In Your Ears!

Thousand Beats By ATR

Welcome to ThousandBeats, your place to enjoy the best beats from all around the world. This is a small project that we carry just to create an awesome community willing to share and enjoy everything about music, regardless geographical location, language or genre.

This is definitely a new journey for us and we want to share it with you! So, if you think that you are a musicologist or just a music fan, then you came to the right place.

Here we will share some good music, news related, reviews and much more, so we can all enjoy. And with our Twitter and Facebook pages, we will be able to share and interact, so we can all get to know new music and share our music interests.

Also! If you have a new band or you are an emergent talent, you can share your music with us and we can publish your work here to help you promote your talent in our page without any cost, because we are here just to support and enjoy the music as entertainment.

So, THANK YOU for visiting our page and we hope you can enjoy and participate of this journey with us!

Now, let’s go and enjoy the BEATS of the world! :)

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Journalist, writer and amateur illustrator!.. Art and music are my hobby :)

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